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Paranormal 25 Fanfic Challenge Comm


Paranormal 25 Fanfic Challenge
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Fanfic challenge with prompts focusing on the paranormal/supernatural
Paranormal 25

A fanfic challenge community in the style of all those others you've seen (like the king, fanfic100), where you complete a table of paranormal prompts by writing a fanfic story or creating a piece of art for each. They can be based on a tv show, movie, comic book, video game, or book. Real Person Fic is allowed too. masterofmercury suggested we also have paranormal, fandom-based art to fulfill prompts, and I love that idea, so that's allowed too. Art should fulfill the prompt while also dealing with your chosen fandom(s). Art includes drawings, paintings, digital art, manipulations, and headers. (Don't edit anyone's fanart without their permission, though.) You can write in paranormal or non-paranormal fandoms as long as you can make sense of the prompts in that fandom.

You can choose one fandom to write in, or write in multiple fandoms. If you'd rather just read stories and not participate, that's okay too.

You'll probably want to friend/watch/track the community so you don't miss any important announcements. If you don't, and you do miss something important, that's no one's problem but yours. Sorry!

Paranormal 25

|| Prompt Tables 1 || Prompt Tables 2 || Rules & FAQs || Stake Your Claim || Friendly Ghosts (Master List) || Link Me to Your Paranormal Table || Haunted Hall of Fame || Drop Your Claim || Suggest a Prompt || Affiliates ||

Once you "stake your claim," as it were, please wait until I (sailorhathor) have replied to it before you begin posting. Don't forget to join the community.

I have completed my table! Give me a banner to post wherever I please so I can prove it!

Paranormal 25
They say that Dudleytown, CT is the Most Haunted City in the World.

They also say that Monte Cristo in Australia is the Most Haunted House in the World.

But did you know that...

is the Most Haunted Fanfic Writer
in the World?

She has currently completed 32 prompts!

Current Runner-Up: dodger_winslow with 18 prompts

Will you be next?
Paranormal 25

ALL FICS MUST HAVE A HEADER. It just lets people know the basics they need to know to understand your fic. Here's a sample one.

Please link to your story or put it under a lj-cut. NO STORY should be posted without some kind of cut or link! LJ provides a tutorial for a LJ Cut.

If you would like to affiliate (trade links) with this community, email Laurel at sailorhathor @ aol.com.


If you want a button or banner to use to link to the community, here you go! Please save and upload to your own server.

Paranormal25 Button

Paranormal25 Banner

THE COMMUNITY IS CURRENTLY ON MODERATED STATUS because of spammers/bots joining to post porn videos. Once you prove that you are not a spammer by posting something claim-related, I will take you off moderated status.