Kristian Abel (kristianabel22) wrote in paranormal25,
Kristian Abel

Fic: A Sharp Sting

Originally posted by kristianabel22 at Fic: A Sharp Sting

Title: A Sharp Sting
Medium: Fic
Characters: Adam Lambert / Tommy Joe Ratliff, slight Tommy Joe Ratliff / OMC
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Character death (not main character), violence
Summary: It all started with a party Tommy attended, then after meeting a tall dark stranger things turn abnormal but Tommy doesn’t know if he wished it never happened because now everything is revenge.
Authors Notes: If people like this and ask for one I do have an idea for a sequel. This fic is for my hc_bingo February Amnesty Challenge, glam_bingo prompt “Wild Card: Au: Vampire”, my paranormal25 prompt “Cursed”, au_bingo “Wild Card: High School” and my kink_bingo prompt “Hand Job".


Tags: author: kristianabel22, prompt: curse, rpf: adam lambert
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