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Rules and FAQ's

I'm going to pretty up the userinfo page by moving some of that stuff to community posts. :)



1. How does this work?

Stake a claim. Wait for sailorhathor's response before you start posting. Write a story inspired by one of the prompts. Post your story (or a link to it) to the community. Use a header to do so. (See profile for an example.) Edit your table to link each prompt to your stories.

Squick warnings should be worded so anyone can understand them. Do not use fandom-specific slang unless you are going to explain it.

Please use a standard Rating system that anyone can understand.

2. Is there a time limit?

No. Take as much time as you need to complete your table.

3. Do I have to fill the prompts in order?

No, not unless you want to.

4. Is there a limit to how many people can write in any particular fandom?


5. Can I write for a specific pairing?

Sure. Go crazy.

6. Are the following okay: Alternate Realities/Universes and Cross-overs?

Yes. Just warn people appropriately. I really don't care if your entire table is made up of cross-overs or AU's, or whatever. I don't want to stunt your creativity; don't see the point in it. :)

7. Can I interpret the prompts creatively?

To an extent. The point of this challenge comm is to write stories that include the paranormal, so keep that in mind. Like, let's say you wrote a story about the characters going through really bad times, and used it for the Hell prompt. This doesn't work. There needs to be some actual, paranormal Hell in your story through an actual visit to Hell, discussion of Hell, so on.

It is possible for your story to end in a mundane explanation, but the characters must somehow discuss and/or explore paranormal explanations for the trouble in the course of your plot.

8. Can I write about "squicky" or adult things?

Yes, just warn appropriately. If you do not warn appropriately, I will ask you to fix it. If you don't fix it, I will delete it.

9. What ratings are allowed?

All ratings.

10. Is there a minimum word count?

Yes. All stories must be at least 100 words in length. Write to your heart's content. Or until you die, then come back as a ghost and write some more chapters. Ficcy the Friendly Ghost. I, personally, would prefer your stories be longer than 100 words, though, because that's very, very short. If you can get something cool and paranormal into 100 words, you are a writing dynamo.

11. Can I use a pre-written story to fill a prompt?

Yes. But the majority of your stories must be new; you cannot fill an entire table with old stories.

12. Can one story fit more than one prompt?

No. The purpose of this challenge is to write at least 25 stories. (See the next question for exceptions.)

13. What if I'm writing a long, multi-chaptered story? Can each chapter be used for a different prompt?

Yes, as long as each chapter you are using to fill a prompt is at least 100 words.

14. So I could write a 25-chapter story, with each 100+ word chapter filling one prompt?


15. But I can not fill two prompts with one chapter?

Correct, you cannot.

16. I can also write one story with, say, five chapters filling five prompts, and another story with seven chapters filling seven prompts, and so on?

Of course!

17. What kind of stuff can we use for the Writer's Choice prompts?

Anything paranormal.

18. Does this challenge include shows that are more sci-fi in nature?

You can use any show that will lend itself to filling the prompts. That could be hard with some science fiction, but hey, prove me wrong. :) I love innovation and writers who take chances.

19. How much does my story need to be about the prompt?

Your story should be about the prompt, suggest the prompt, contain the prompt, or discuss the prompt in some manner. There needs to be a bit more than just a mention of the word in your story.

20. Can we write about original characters/original universes?

Yeah, sure. I'm sort of an OC junkie myself. Just mark it appropriately in the Fandom section of the header, if it's totally original.

21. Can I write Real Person Fic about paranormal stuff happening to my favorite actors/musicians/etc?

Yeah, go ahead. Just put a disclaimer in the warnings that this is a fictional story and not something that really happened.

22. Can I post my personal experiences with the paranormal?

Only if they've been turned into a fictional account. This comm is about sharing fictional stories; there are other comms around for sharing true accounts of paranormal experiences.

23. When do I get my tags?

You will receive your tags the first time you post a story. I'll create all the tags you need. After that, I'll only make sure that every post has an author and a prompt tag. You must make an effort to tag your own entries. You guys aren't babies. You can learn to do this yourself. ;D It only benefits you by making it easier for people to find your stories. (Not bothering to tag your own entries when all the tags you need have been created for you has a tendency to make me cranky. PLEASE make the effort; I don't like being cranky. Tagging is really very easy.)

If you post a story for a prompt that has never been used, I'll create a tag for that prompt then.

24. Can I friends lock my posts? Can I link to friends locked posts?

Do not Friends Lock your posts. Do not link to Friends Locked posts. Please make sure your Paranormal Table (the table with the prompts on it that links to the stories you write) is posted somewhere anyone can see (not a Flocked post). If any of this is a problem, posts your story and/or table directly to the community.

25. Should I post my stories/links to all my stories to the community?

Yes. Post all stories/links to stories that fill a prompt to the community. If they are not posted to the community at some point, they will not be counted toward your challenge. That's kind of the whole point.

26. Can I disable comments?

Do not disable comments! This makes it harder for me to put your post in the Memories section.

27. Can we claim more than one prompt table at a time?

Yes, but please be realistic. It's sort of annoying to have tons of abandoned claims on the master list.

28. I've posted my table but there are no borders around it. What gives?

Some journal styles won't show the borders around tables, for some reason. Something with their specific HTML interferes with the border HTML. But it's not a problem; the most important thing is that we can see the rest - the prompts. :)

However, if it bothers you enough to want to fix it, sunstreakerslut provided this helpful tip:

Add the following to the Custom CSS via the Customize Journal Style link -

.asset-body table, .asset-body td { border: 1px solid #000000; }

Once you go into the Customize area and click the link that says you want to Customize your Theme, you'll see a link that says Custom CSS. Enter the text supplied above in the box and Save the changes.
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