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Paranormal 25 Fanfic Challenge Comm
Me 2009
Hello :)

I was going back through some emails, and was reminded of the community. Made some more obvious reminders, let's see if I can get myself back on track :D.

I saw a Bermuda Triangle prompt. Made me think of the Malaysia Flight that disappeared last year, or was it two years ago? Has anyone ever been able to plausibly set that as a paranormal event?

Mainly just wondering if anyone else is here?

22nd-Apr-2013 05:53 am - Prompts 177-180 Defined
bouncy lala
I did some editing to the second post for prompt definitions, and it's now telling me the post is too big. -_-;; So here I'll be reposting some of the last definitions to make room in that post.

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6th-Mar-2013 04:01 am - Paranormal Dates
bouncy lala
I'm working on a couple of projects for which I need the dates of paranormal events. The year does not matter, I need exact dates. I'm still researching, but if there are any dates you are aware of, please pass them on to me.

A few friends have helped me with some of these. The dates I have so far:

February 8–9 - Devil's Footprints
January 16-23 - Hundreds of encounters with the Jersey Devil are reported to area newspapers
April 21 - First famous photo of the Loch Ness monster is published in the Daily Mail (hoax)
July 3 - Discovery of Roswell UFO crash
October 20 - Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film (fake)
November 15 - First Mothman sighting
December 5 - Flight 19 is lost in the Bermuda Triangle
December 21 - Mayan date the world was supposed to end (misinterpretation)
22nd-Jul-2012 11:23 pm - Attack of the Mad Spammer
but i do
If you get any comments on your posts that feature a link to a Youtube video about some dude's assassination, please delete them and mark them as spam if you're given the opportunity. Thanks.
24th-Feb-2012 11:47 pm - Demon Adam
Originally posted by kristianabel22 at Paranormal25: Demons
This is picture is for my paranormal25 prompt "Demons" and my au_bingo prompt "Magic", also i finally worked out how to draw hair, well better then it has been in the past lol I hope you like it, remember comments equal love <3

19th-Feb-2012 10:06 pm - Fic: A Sharp Sting
Originally posted by kristianabel22 at Fic: A Sharp Sting

Title: A Sharp Sting
Medium: Fic
Characters: Adam Lambert / Tommy Joe Ratliff, slight Tommy Joe Ratliff / OMC
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Character death (not main character), violence
Summary: It all started with a party Tommy attended, then after meeting a tall dark stranger things turn abnormal but Tommy doesn’t know if he wished it never happened because now everything is revenge.
Authors Notes: If people like this and ask for one I do have an idea for a sequel. This fic is for my hc_bingo February Amnesty Challenge, glam_bingo prompt “Wild Card: Au: Vampire”, my paranormal25 prompt “Cursed”, au_bingo “Wild Card: High School” and my kink_bingo prompt “Hand Job".


10th-Feb-2012 12:08 am - Paranormal25 fill - Vampire
Originally posted by kristianabel22 at Paranormal25 fill - Vampire
This is my fill for my paranormal25 prompt "Vampire". Although I haven't drawn his fangs hopefully I was able to show that his mouth is stuck out further because of his fangs. Anyway I hope you like it, remember comments equal love <3

5th-Feb-2012 08:38 pm - Writers Choice - Elves
Originally posted by kristianabel22 at AU bingo: Elves
I wasn't going to post this originally cause I wasn't completely happy with the way this turned out but then decided I may have been to critical about it and thought why not I'll post it. I was inspired by a picture I saw on Deviant Art, someone had turned tommy into an elf so I thought I would put my own spin on it. This picture is for my au_bingo prompt "ELVES" and paranormal25 prompt "WRITERS CHOICE - ELVES" . Hope you like it, comments equal love remember. <3
9th-Jan-2012 11:51 pm - Paranormal25 - ANGELS
Originally posted by kristianabel22 at Paranormal25 - ANGELS
This is my fill for my "ANGELS" (more hell's angel) prompt for my paranormal25 challenge. Hope you like it, comments equal love <3

pain and longing
Title: Pain and Longing
Author: sailorhathor
Word Count: 12,159
Fandoms: "November Rain" - Guns n' Roses (Music Video)/Supernatural Fusion
Pairings: Fictional Axl/Fictional Slash (Unrequited), Fictional Axl/Fictional Stephanie Seymour
Claim & Prompt: Multi-fandom, #69 Evil Eye
Rating: Adult (R)
Warnings: Het and Slash sexual references (not incredibly graphic). Language. Violence. Major Character Death.
Summary: Saul made a promise he wasn't sure he could keep. "If you find something that needs killing, I'll be your hunting partner, okay? You're my bud 'til the end. We'll figure it out together."
Author's Notes: Thanks to Ari for inspiring the name of the band, and to Vae for the initial beta. Written for yuletide 2011.
26th-Nov-2011 12:44 am - Paranormal25 fill - Vampire
Author: kristianabel22
Fandom: Glee
Prompt: Vampire
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Author's Notes: So this is my first fill for my Paranormal25 challenge for the prompt "vampire". I had to draw Tina as a Vampire because the fact Figgins thinks she is one just makes me chuckle. I hope you like it, comments are loved <3

Click picture for full view...
24th-Oct-2011 10:21 pm - Haunted Hall of Fame
the tree is on fi-yah
People who have finished the Paranormal25 challenge! Listed in alphabetical order by fandom/claim.

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winchester family 2
Title: Beloved Sin
Author: sailorhathor
Claim: Multi-fandom; Supernatural/Miracles
Prompt: Spectral Dogs
Pairings: Dean/Paul, Ruby/Mr. Friendly
Rating: Rated R
Word Count: 17,075
Summary: The Relic must die.
Warnings: Violence, some sexual content (het and slash), language
Beta Thanks: Beta'ed by Sammie. Tank you!
Author's Notes: Written for spnslashbigbang.

Title: That a Boy, Clarence
Author: sailorhathor
Claim: Multi-fandom; Supernatural
Prompt: Incantation
Word Count: 4,106
Pairing: Meg/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Graphic het sex. Language. Spoilers for season 6. Meg makes threats of violence against babies.
Summary: Even angels, it seemed, had an ego.
Author Notes: Takes place after "Caged Heat." Thanks to moonlitxmelody for the beta and tvsgrady for looking it over. Written for ninkasa in the spnraritiesfest challenge.
21st-Sep-2011 09:36 pm - FIC - Snake In The Orchard (ficlet)
title: Snake In The Orchard
pairing: None
Rating: PG
Prompt: Retrocognition
Fandom: Supernatural

21st-Sep-2011 08:54 pm - FIC - Dangerous
title: Dangerous
pairing: None
Rating: PG
Prompt: Ouija Board
Fandom: BtVS
A/N: for paranormal25 prompt table, and I only have ONE LEFT until I finish the whole thing!!!! Shocking!!!

13th-Sep-2011 10:25 pm - FIC - Nothing For It
title: Nothing For it
pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: R
Prompt: I hope this counts for the INCUBUS prompt, it's all I have
Summary: They’ve done some crazy shit for hunts.
Fandom: SPN

OMG, I only have two left and I will have done my whole prompt table for paranormal25. I feel incredibly accomplished.

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12th-Sep-2011 11:17 pm - FIC - Do I Look Nuts To You?
title: Do I Look Nuts To You?
pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: R
Prompt: Amityville
Fandom: Supernatural

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9th-Sep-2011 02:05 am - FIC - An Angel's Apology
title: An Angel’s Apology
pairing: None
Rating: PG
Prompt: Seance
Fandom: Supernatural. Spoilers for Season 4.

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9th-Sep-2011 12:00 am - FIC - Is That You?
title: Is That You?
pairing: None
Rating: PG
Prompt: Phantom Hitchhiker
Fandom: True Blood. Warning: SPOILERS for most of the series.

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8th-Sep-2011 01:20 am - DIY and Paranormal 200
katie and static
A couple of new prompt tables have been added to the original post for prompt tables, the Freaky Table and the Terrifying Table. This new post contains the instructions for claiming a DIY table and another new table, Paranormal 200!

I had to juggle the tables around a bit because LJ wouldn't let me put all of them in one post (dang posting restrictions).

Also, if you're doing the Ghostly Table or any big table, the prompt Megalith/Monolith got Obelisk added to it. It's a similar structure, so I thought it'd be a good idea to add it.

DIY Tables and Paranormal 200Collapse )
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